Top 5 Best WhatsApp Mod You Must Try in 2022

After Messenger, the second thing that numerous people use is WhatsApp. Maybe WhatsApp is used more because there is no exact calculation about that, but people use Facebook a lot, so that’s why I mentioned Messenger.

So WhatsApp is the top used communication app used by millions of people. It has countless features like text messages, voice calls, and video calls. You can also record your activity and share it with your friends. So means to say every type of communication is possible with your friends through WhatsApp and WhatsApp Desktop.

You need to install it through Google Play Store and enjoy its features to use WhatsApp. But people who want to enjoy unlimited features of WhatsApp use WhatsApp Mod. This MOD feature maximizes the features that are limited in WhatsApp. You can use Yo WhatsApp APK to get full customization benefits.

Like in everyday usage, you can’t send larger files, but when communicating through WhatsApp MOD, you can send larger files without any problem. So that’s the advantage of using WhatsApp MOD. There are countless other benefits, but I’ve identified the help people want to find.

Today we will mention the 5 Best WhatsApp MODs you must try in 2022. These MODs have numerous features. I’ll say them one by one, so let’s start our article without further ado.

Risk of Using WhatsApp MODs

The first risk is that your data isn’t secured. These MOD Versions aren’t hosted from secure servers, but 3rd party servers host them. So if you send messages to your friends or family members, there is a chance of data leakage.

People also share confidential data with their friends and family members, so that’s not good if a 3rd party has access to that data.

So that was the risk involved in using these WhatsApp MODs. If you still feel safer, then you can use, or else, you can avoid these MODs. We will discuss the 5 Best WhatsApp MODs of 2022. Let’s start our discussion with the first MOD.

5 Best WhatsApp MODs of 2022

These are the 5 Best WhatsApp MODs that we’ll discuss.

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is the first app on our list with a powerful interface best for newbies and experts. This MOD has countless features, and people use it because of its “No-Ban” feature. People fear using different MODs, but when they use this WhatsApp Plus, they never fear because of its Anti-Ban or No-Ban feature.

That’s the best powerful thing this MOD has. Its interface is user-friendly. Newbies can easily understand its interface and use it professionally. There is no need to be an expert because Rafalete developed this mode for newcomers.

Its other features include Enable or Disable Blue Ticks, Send 30 MB File and add 256 Members in a Group. There are several other features this MOD has, but people look for these features, and I’ve highlighted them first.


YOWhatsApp is the 2nd MOD on our list with compelling features and constant communication. This WhatsApp MOD is also known as YOWA. Its chief characteristic is its 100+ languages support.

People who can’t understand English can use this YOWA MOD because it supports more than 100+ languages. Its navigation is also user-friendly, just like WhatsApp Plus. Newbies and Experts can use this MOD with ease.

This YOWA WA MOD has every type of interface included. People addicted to using WhatsApp on iPhones can get that interface in its setting phase. You can install different themes in the settings section to see the better version.

WhatsApp GO

If sending large files through WhatsApp is your work, WhatsApp GO should be your next install. People use different MODs to transfer large files, but when they use this WhatsApp GO, they forget every other MOD because they forget the problems of sending files.

This was its best feature, but that doesn’t end here. You can control double ticks, view deleted messages, and hide online status through this WhatsApp GO.

Sometimes you are busy talking with any person. If you don’t want to get irritated by other notifications, then WhatsApp GO will also help you with that.

Setting the “DND” Do Not Disturb mode will prevent any notification from coming in your way. Once you’ve finished your conversation with someone, you can disable that mode to see the messages that came before. That’s another powerful feature this WhatsApp GO has. I think this is the best MOD for those people who want to use WhatsApp privately.

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FMWhatsApp is for people who want to use several numbers and send video messages with their members. People install this MOD when they continuously send video messages and use multiple numbers simultaneously.

The video message can also be counted as a status message. People who upload their status through videos cannot upload for more than 1-2 minutes, but with FMWhatsApp, they can share their video status for more than 5 minutes. Users who want to benefit from this feature can install FMWhatsApp.

Also, if you don’t like WhatsApp Emojis but like Messenger’s Emojis, then FMWhatsApp shows the option of using Messenger and iMessage Style Emojis. You’ll view the same Emojis while enabling them.

WhatsApp Aero

Users who get sick and tired of viewing one theme in one day can use this WhatsApp Aero because it has thousands of pieces.

I’ve seen many people changing themes after just one week. But on simple WhatsApp, you cannot change the view because of limited pieces. This WhatsApp Aero has countless themes with sticker packs to change the theme and colors. If you don’t like sticker packs with the current theme, you can customize them by their features.

It also has the Anti-Ban feature, just like WhatsApp Plus. So exploring various stuff using thousands of themes is possible on WhatsApp Aero.

So these are the 5 Best WhatsApp MODs that you must install on your smartphone in 2022. If you have any questions, you can ask us by dropping a comment.

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