Tissot: Everything You Need to Know About Innovators by Tradition

Tissot is a Swiss luxury watchmaker. Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son, Charles-Émile, established the company in 1853 in Le Locle, Switzerland. In 1998, the firm was renamed the Swatch Group after multiple mergers and name changes.  

Tissot has teamed with a wide spectrum of celebrities as brand ambassadors, including basketball players, actors, cricket players, and MotoGP racers. Tony Parker, Liu Yi Fei, Virat Kohli, Deepika Padukone, Huang Xiaoming, Jorge Lorenzo, Thomas Lüthi, Neha Kakkar, Marc Márquez, and Rana Daggubati have all been brand ambassadors. Also, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Sarah Bernhardt, Carmen Miranda, Grace Kelly, Elvis Presley, and Nelson Mandela have all worn Tissot watches. Take a closer look at the iconic watches of the brand today, and learn how these innovators are influenced by classic timepieces.

A Quick Overview of Notable Inventions

In 1858, Charles-Emile Tissot traveled to Russia and sold savonnette pocket watches throughout the Russian Empire. In 1853, Tissot introduced the first mass-produced pocket watch, as well as the first pocket watch with two time zones and the first anti-magnetic watch, and in;

  • 1929–30, the brand introduced the first anti-magnetic watch. 
  • Tissot was also the first to produce watches made of plastic  – Idea 2001 in 1971
  • Stone – the Alpine granite RockWatch in 1985
  • Mother of pearl – the Pearl watch in 1987
  • Wood – the Tissot Wood watch in 1988
  • In 1999, the company released their first tactile watch with “T-Touch” technology, which uses touch-sensitive sapphire crystals to control several functions such as the compass, barometer, altimeter, and thermometer. 
  • T-Touch Expert Solar and T-Touch Lady Solar had 25 functions in 2014.

Tissot World: Expertise

Tissot watches have stayed committed to its distinctive slogan, “Innovators by Tradition.” They have consistently demonstrated their dedication to innovation and technological improvements. And their never-ending ambition to push their limits is what propels them to greatness. Here are some illustrations of their innovations.


The Powermatic 80 movement has an 80-hour power reserve, which means the watch can keep telling time even if it isn’t worn for three days. It’s a unique movement that outperforms the competition, which provides 1.5 days of power reserve on average.


The Swissmatic movement is a true innovation. The Swissmatic 72 movement has a 72-hour power reserve, which allows the watch to keep accurate time even if it is not worn for three days.


The self-winding ETA Valjoux calibre is a reliable chronograph movement. Its dependability and performance have made it a timeless classic.


A Tissot mechanical movement has about 100 finely machined parts on average. The accuracy of the movement is ensured by the balance wheel. The balance and the balance spring divide the time into equal portions with their constant backward and forwards movement, accurately regulating the passage of time. The oscillations of the balance spring are what cause your watch to “tick.” The total oscillations of the balance wheel amount to 385,000 turns per day.


The company has developed a new titanium-based alloy that is cutting-edge to maintain the precision of its watches. A NivachronTM balance spring is far more resistant to magnetic fields and unaffected by them than standard springs.


Silicon is a new material for making components in the mechanism that controls movement. The brand can now offer far greater resistance to the magnetic fields and as a result, Tissot watches have become even more precise than before.


A sapphire crystal provides the following benefits to a watch: extremely high impact resistance and superior screen and hand readability due to its transparency. It is used in fine timepieces for its anti-scratch properties because it is the strongest material after diamonds. 


The brand guarantees the origin and quality of the diamonds in its watches, including color, clarity, and carat weight and all Tissot diamonds meet the Kimberley Process certification requirements, an international system for certifying rough diamonds.


The company uses 18K gold, a highly regarded alloy made up of 75% pure gold and a mix of silver and copper used in the production of gold. 


Mother of pearl is formed in the depths of the sea and has iridescence and opalescence that are very unique. No two specimens are the same, giving each watch a distinct personality, especially for ladies watches, on the dial and other elements.


For decades, the brand has used this material. It’s ideal for the watch’s external parts, which are subjected to daily scratching and impacts. Aluminum oxide and zirconium are among the ceramic’s ingredients, ensuring that it will never oxidize no matter how much time passes. The watch will never lose its gleam and it is well suited to any wrist and is known for its hypoallergenic properties.


The brand’s primary goal is to ensure visibility in all conditions. This is why some timepieces use the SuperLuminova® material. When the watch is in the dark, this material is applied to visible parts such as dials and hands, where it acts as a miniature accumulator of reflected light.


The brand’s iconic T-Touch collection is powered by the greenest of energy sources: Expert Solar and Connect Solar.  Light is captured by tiny solar sensors on the watch dial and stored in an accumulator and Tissot can create watches that can last for months without needing to be recharged thanks to this environmentally friendly technology.


Tissot was the first company to create a tactile watch 20 years ago. This high-tech feature enhances the watch’s ergonomics while also making it unique and simple to use. The technology provides a variety of features, such as a compass, altimeter, weather, alarm, and chronograph, without a plethora of buttons or sub-menus.


The brand sells COSC-certified timepieces, which are approved stopwatches. The COSC (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute) issues this certificate after conducting a battery of extremely stringent tests on the movements for 15 days to ensure their accuracy, anti-magnetism, and impact resistance.

In Conclusion

Tissot has long been recognized as one of the world’s foremost innovators in the field of watchmaking and always prided themselves on their forward-thinking craftsmanship methods. Tissot is one of the biggest and most popular luxury brands and it has always been a brand that lives up to its slogan, “Innovators by Tradition,” in everything they do. 

The digital world was rapidly evolving, and Tissot watches wanted to be a part of it. In 1999, they created the T-Touch, the world’s first tactile timepiece. In 2014, they took it a step further by announcing the incredible T-Touch Expert Solar, a solar-powered version of the T-Touch, which was yet another world-first. This demonstrates Tissot’s dedication to innovation and hard work. 

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