This Is How to Change a Diaper the Right Way

Every year, around 140 million babies in the world are born. If you and your significant other have successfully conceived recently, or a close family member or friend has announced a pregnancy, then you might be nervous about changing diapers.

Even though the birth might be far in the future, it certainly doesn’t hurt to learn how to change a diaper ahead of time! So read on to educate yourself and be ready for the new bundle of joy.

Set Your Baby Down Safely and Remove the Dirty Diaper

The first thing you need to do to wash and dry your hands, Then, set your baby down on a safe and clean surface. It might help to bring around waterproof pads to not only keep things clean, but also to keep your baby feeling comfortable.

In this whole process, make sure you always have at least 1 hand on your little one at all times to prevent them from rolling over and falling off.

Undress your infant and unfasten the dirty diaper; what you’ll do next depends on what kind of waste you’re dealing with. If it’s wet, fold the diaper underneath and remove it. If it’s solid, wipe away as much poop as you can from your baby’s bottom with the diaper, fold it underneath, and remove it.

Now use the tab fasteners to wrap up the dirty diaper and throw it away. Never flush diapers!

Clean Your Baby

Now go into your bag and grab a baby wipe. If you find it difficult to cram everything into your regular bag, you might want to consider getting a mini diaper bag backpack. Not only are these spacious and sturdy, but they’re also waterproof.

When changing a diaper, you always want to give your little one a good wipe-down before you put a new diaper on. For the genital area, make sure you wipe front to back for girls since if you do it the other way around, this can cause infections. As for boys, you’ll want to shield the penis area with a tissue or cloth, just in case he has a surprise pee.

It can also be beneficial to apply diaper rash creams too.

Put on the New Diaper

Grab a new diaper and place it underneath your little one. There isn’t anything special you need to do with girls, but with boys, you’ll want to point the penis down to decrease the chances of accidents.

Once you’ve fastened the diaper, you can then get your infant dressed and ready to go!

Know How to Change a Diaper Like a Pro

Now that you know how to change a diaper, you’ll be able to do so like a pro. Regardless of whether it’s your own baby, a family member’s, or a close friend’s, you’ll be able to get that little one changed and clean in no time flat!

Do you need more tips for parents, even though you know how to change a baby’s diaper now? Then find out more useful information by browsing our blog!

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