The Most-Sought after Vintage Watches of Omega from the 1950s

Are you planning to enter the world of vintage watches because of their remarkable design, color scheme, and quirky details? If so, why not consider the timepieces manufactured by Omega in the 1950s. It was the time that the brand offered technically brilliant and amazing watches that can stand out even today. 

The 1950s was the decade that paved the way for Omega to achieve the pinnacle of success. During this time, the brand released a series of models with unique complications and movements which helped shape the world of watchmaking that we know of today. Take a look at Omega’s best watches from the 1950s and you might just find the perfect wristwatch for your needs. 

  1. Seamaster Calendar ref. 2627

If you try to explore Omega watches in the 1950s, you would realize that it was the time that the first Omega Seamaster reference entered the market. The company used the timepieces it produced for the British Air Force as an inspiration for the Omega Seamaster that it introduced to the public in 1948. It addressed the needs of consumers for a more reliable, water-resistant, accurate, and robust timepiece. After many years, the company released various references with different movements, colors of the dial, and materials to expand the target market. 

If you are looking for an affordable way of entering the world of vintage watches, then this Omega Seamaster ref. 2627 is for you. It was the very first Seamaster with the date complication. It is perfect for people with small wrists because its case diameter is only 35.3 mm. It comes with a gold-capped steel case and is available in different dial colors and executions. Inside of it, you will find the Omega’s caliber 353 and automatic movement with 17 jewels. It has a power reserve of 42 hours that functions at 19 800 vph. You can easily find it in any official retail store with a price starting at $400.

  1. Constellation Pie-Pan

The Constellation Pie-pan became available in 1952 as an addition to the permanent automatic chronometer collection. It received the iconic Geneva Observatory medallion which proves that it has impressive accuracy. There was a time that it was more prestigious than the watches manufactured by Rolex. 

This timepiece with a pie-pan-shaped dial is one of the most sought-after among watch collectors because it is oozing with brilliance and class. When purchasing, you might get too overwhelmed with the many models with varying case materials, shapes, and straps. Purchasing one vintage watch from this collection is pretty crucial so you have to do some research. Its price starts at $1250.

  1. Railmaster ref. CK 2914

The Railmaster ref. CK 2914 is a vintage Omega timepiece that fails to dominate the market because of its short production time. The company manufactured it for only 6 years but it is still a must-have watch due to its aesthetic appeal and design potential. With its antimagnetic properties, it is the best timepiece for scientists, electricians, and technicians. They no longer have to worry about tracking time accurately whenever they are working in laboratories with strong magnetic fields or electric currents. 

The ref. CK 2914 has a unique construction with a 38 mm case diameter. It has an interior composed of Mu Metal plate and an exterior consists of Staybrite stainless steel forming the Faraday cage. Besides that, the company made sure that it can resist 1000 Gauss through the use of hesalite crystal and a 1 mm thick dial. If you are going to purchase this model, prepare at least $10 000 to $30 000.

  1. Seamaster 300 ref. CK 2913

The Seamaster 300 is one of the most iconic timepieces that Omega ever manufactured. It was the first proper diving watch released by the company and it easily caught the attention of the market because of its 38.5 mm case diameter which was larger than the typical watches. It was the timepiece that started the legacy of the company in terms of manufacturing watches that can withstand underwater activities. 

The ref 2913 has the automatic Omega caliber 501, matte black dial, and triangular hour indices. Moreover, it features white Arabic numerals and recessed radium plots. In terms of bezel and hands, there are some versions with countdown bezel inserts while others have forward count bezels. If you like its historical significance and iconic vintage appearance, purchase it for a little over $10 000.

  1. Speedmaster ref. CK 2915

The last watch in this list of Omega’s best watches from the 1950s is this Speedmaster ref. CK 2915. Its production time was too short, ranging only from 1957 to 1959. Since it is extremely rare, wearing one can make you feel a sense of exclusivity. The company manufactured it to address the need of race car drivers, sportspeople, and engineers for an accurate and reliable chronograph. It is clear and legible allowing them to check the time without any hassle. 

For most watch collectors, the ref. CK 2915 is the most functional chronograph of all time because it does not have any cut-off hour markers and no sub-registers or other elements. Nowadays, there is a total of only 3000 to 4000 pieces of this model. You would know if they are authentic if they have a 38.6 mm case diameter and Omega’s caliber 321 as the watch movement. It is very expensive with a price ranging from $125 000 to $250 000 depending on its condition. If you are the type of person who values its legacy that stretches all the way to the moon, then it would be worth your money! 

In a Nutshell 

The Omega watches from the 1950s are truly iconic with their one-of-a-kind design, movements, and functions. They have the power to give you the vintage aesthetics that you dreamt of having. Moreover, they have classic and calming exteriors that made them stand out in a crowd. If you want to purchase any of the listed 5 watches above, visit The Watch Company for great deals and discounts. 

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