The Changing Market of Curvy Swimsuits

Swimsuit shopping can feel like a burden with the difficulty of finding garments that fit both your top and bottom halves equally well.

Multiply your previous experience by 20 or 30. That’s just how difficult it is for many curvy women to find a curvy swimsuit that is comfortable and attractive.

Several issues come to the surface when women go shopping for their swimwear, like not finding the right colour or problems with the size.

Continue reading to know more about such problems faced by curvy females and global body image perception.

Issues Affecting Plus-Sized Women While Buying Swimwear

●     Limited to No Options

The shortage of options for plus-size women in swimwear styles is the most pressing issue they face. The possibilities majorly available are either tankinis, beach dresses, which feel a little more conservative, or you can go for a bikini look.

Beyond worries about fit, plus-size women want additional stylistic alternatives, mostly unavailable for them.

●     The One-Type Fit

Retailers frequently fit and design swimsuits based on just one body type. Retailers do the least amount of work, producing clothes that would fit ‘most’ bodies, which does not make it in this customer niche.

But plus-size ladies aren’t all the same; they might be heavy with different body parts. They could be pear-shaped, hour-glass shaped, and required different fits.

●     Online Buying Options Only

What makes things even more difficult for plus-sized women is that most plus-sized bikinis are only available online.

Consider trying to buy a swimsuit based on a model who is several sizes smaller than you and has an entirely different body type. To put it mildly, it’s a challenge.

It can be infuriating to be restricted to shopping only online. Plus-size bikinis are also incredibly pricey, and when something is that expensive, the customer would want to put it on first.

That seems reasonable, doesn’t it? So, given the limited number of styles and the suits are only presented on and built for a specific body type, it’s challenging to find a curvy swimsuit.

How is Body Image Perception Changing?

Since 2018, there has been significant growth in the number of fashion brands that now offer plus-size items. And an increasing number of gorgeous, curvy women are breaking stereotypes and wreaking havoc on the fashion business.

During London Fashion Week, Hayley Hasselhoff organised a protest highlighting the importance of supporting women’s bodies in all types and sizes. She was accompanied by two more stunning women, Callie Thorpe and Sonny Turner.

Nowadays, body acceptance is the “in” thing. The key to success is self-assurance. According to studies, plus-size clothing sales increased by 6% in 2016, totalling $21 billion. And this year, many well-known fashion designers are embracing this message of body positivity.

There has also been an increase in the number of large retailers carrying plus-size goods.

Wrapping Up

To love your body, you must first accept it. Being thin or curvy should not prevent you from achieving your goals. So, this summer, don’t let your misguided body issues come between you and your one-piece, two-piece, or curvy swimsuit.

You are the specialist of your own body in the summer or any season. In addition, many top apparel labels are now altering and adapting to what is referred to as a “cultural shift” toward body positivity.

So, don’t allow those ugly thoughts to ruin your chilling beat.

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