Mountains or beaches? Explore the following traits to get the answer!

Are you a mountains person or a beach person? The might of mountains of the depths of waters? The serenity and tranquility of mountains or the sound of waves? Well, if you are confused about your choice, then this blog will help you make the decision. 

Beaches or mountains have always been a question or debate. Same as whether you like cats or dogs, your destination choice says a lot about your personality. The selection varies from person to person. Some traits can completely explain whether you are a beach person or a mountain person. We have curated a list of these traits to capture the explorer’s true essence. 

Make the right choice

To get the answer to this most searched question, classify yourself in the following traits. Each trait defines the characteristics of a wanderer in you. Read the blog to know more. Before proceeding further, make sure to fly with Alaska Airlines. The airline offers brilliant discounts on various beach and mountain destinations. Make Alaska Airlines booking now for an affordable trip. 

Let’s have a look at the list. 

  • High on nature Vs high on energy

As you know that beach place is always happening and full of life, therefore highly energetic people prefers to go there. Whereas people who love to stay quiet and around nature, choose mountains for their vacations. These people highly believe in enjoying the moment. 

If you are always high on life, you must prefer to go to beaches. However, if you love tranquility, then mountains are the place for you. 

  • Introverts Vs Extroverts

A study was carried out a few times ago at the University of Virginia. It states that being an introvert or an extrovert has an association with the choice of destination. Several personality surveys have been conducted. These surveys say that introverts are mountain people. They prefer quiet and peace of mountains. These people love natural surroundings.

On the other hand, beach people are extroverts. They are prone to the happening and hip beach life. Beaches are more fun and lively. Now, you decide whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

  • Romantic Vs Matierialistic 

It is rare to find a beach person who has the capability of romancing with nature. Beach person is more materialistic and loves to indulge in luxury. At the same time, mountain person believes in collecting experiences without luxury. If you think experience is more important than materialistic things, then choose mountains for your vacations. 

  • Self-centered Vs social butterfly

While talking about the virtual world, a beach person is a social butterfly who loves to be with everyone. Clicking selfies, staying in touch with everyone, and being on the phone always are some of the traits of a beach person. 

On the other hand, a mountain person would leave the social world and enjoy the real moment. If you shy away from the camera and love to be in yourself, then you must not prefer to go to beaches. 

  • Listener Vs conversationalist

Are you excellent at starting a conversation with anyone, anywhere? Then you must be a beach person. Be it a restaurant, movie, club, or at the beach, they can chatter anywhere. On the contrary, mountain persons believe in talking less and listening more. They just observe things silently. If you are friends with them, you are going to have a great listener for life. Now, you decide whether you love to talk or listen? 

So with which personality trait can you relate? Go through these traits, and make a decision. But make sure to select American Airlines as your travel companion for a delightful journey. Whether you are a mountain monk or a beach baby, you will find great deals as well. Confirm AA reservations now, and enter into the world of luxury. Book now or regret later!

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