Learn About 9 Useful Digital Marketing Tools

Top 9 useful digital marketing tools articles. If you are a digital marketer or you are learning digital marketing then this article is absolutely for you because in this article I am going to tell you Top 9 Useful Digital Marketing Tools. About which every digital marketer should know, which will make the work of digital marketing very easy.

If you are learning or practicing digital marketing or are a trainer from digital marketing, if you relate anywhere or any category of digital marketing, such as Contact Writing, blogging, if you are involved in any field of digital marketing, So you must know these Top 9 Useful Digital Marketing Tools.

Knowledge of Top 9 Useful Digital Marketing Tools

1. Canva

First of all, we will talk about Digital Marketing Tools Canva, those who have spent a lot of time in digital marketing, they know that the biggest saver I was their initial time was Canva. Canva is a graphic designing tool on which you can create different different logo spam plates creative.

With this tool, you can create YouTube thumbnails, create people, create channels, all these things we have made on the camera. So Canva is a very amazing tool, if you are a YouTuber, then here you can create very good designs for free without wasting time.

Apart from that, if you do not have that much budget. That you can hire a graphic designer or outsource a graphic designing. So Canva is a very good tool and the best part about it is that it is absolutely easy to use stool. The templates that are already here are made. You can edit them by using them and attach them to your content.

And all those copyrights will also be free and the tree version of it is also not very expensive. So you can use that too, but even the free version does a lot of work. So in the category of free toll, I keep canvas at number one.


Useful Digital Marketing Tools Me Next tool about which you should know. If you are into digital marketing and the name of that tool is ALEXA. Yes, I am not talking about the ALEXA device here, I am talking about the Amazon pound. I am talking about dot com tool. This tool is very amazing, this tool is very unexplored. You will use Alexa for SEO.

If I talk about SEO Keyword Planning or Competitor Nail then Alexa. You must definitely consider dot com. The biggest thing is that Amazon has made Alexa, which is a trust platform. So using this tool is made only once. This tool is not a very popular tool now, many people do not use it. But still you must use it once.


Digital Marketing Tools ka next tool which I would like to suggest to all our youtubers. If you have a channel on YouTube or you are doing YouTube marketing of a client. If you are doing video marketing then you must know about VIDIQ Wade IQ. The IQ tool is specifically for YouTube.

By the way, we use its extension the most. But even by visiting its website, you can generate keyword analysis for YouTube, YouTube C You and also ideas for your channel.

So this is a very good tool that you must use. And all the YouTubers who are there, it is necessary to have a stall in their laptop. And it is both a free and a tree type tool. But you will get a lot of benefits in its free version. So you will not need so much to buy Paid version, why use its facilities.

4. BuzzSumo

Useful Digital Marketing Tools Me The next tool you should know about is the name of that tool BuzzSumo. Simply, Sumo is such a tool for such occasions i.e. for social media optimization or social media marketing, you can do contact research here. As well as what kind of contract is going on, you can also do future analysis related to your fund on this tool.

Here you will type any keyword related to the trending topic that is going on. You can see the trending post going on here. So we can do inflation analysis content analysis with this tool which is very important for SEO. So BuzzSumo is specifically for such occasions. So if you are learning social media optimization. Or if you are already working on it, then you just must know about sumo.

5. Grammarly

The next Digital Marketing Tools tool is the one named Grammarly. Already you must have heard this name many times and have seen its ad many times on YouTube. Of Grammarly, Grammarly usually uses content creators or bloggers the most. Because as the name suggests, to check the glamor. And this tool is mostly used for para freezing. But we also use it in SEO.

Whenever we are writing description or title or we are writing something like harding etc. Because in SEO, grammar also plays an important role somewhere. Whenever we talk about SEO, whatever content has been written in itself to correct that glamor, whatever harding you have written, whatever description you have written. We use that grammatical to ensure that it is also correct.

In Grammarly free version only you will get glamor check and para freezing tool. Which you can’t use much for free. So you get a lot of benefits from the Paid version. So this is a very good tool that you must use.

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Grammarly After this the next tool which I would like to tell you is ANSWER THE PUBLIC. ANSWER THE PUBLIC is a website on which you type any keyword you want to go to.

People related to him have asked whatever questions the users have asked in one line. You get all those questions. So if you are a blogger, cotton creator, you are always on the lookout for questions. That’s what people basically ask. On which topic should I blog?

Or whenever we are looking for keywords with questions in SEO, then we must use this tool, it is a very good tool. I wrote digital marketing on a big name like there.

So any question related to digital marketing can be asked by any person. There I can see all those things with very good graphics. All of you people will definitely use it and see it is a very interesting tool. Its interface is not very interesting, so just go and answer public. use dot com

7. Ubersuggest

The next stool of Digital Marketing Tools which is specifically for SEO. And the name of that tool is Ubersuggest. When we do practical work. So we need a play to or free tool for keyword research for keyword analysis. But till now I have also used you to win keyword analysis for keyword research. My favorite among them is Ubersuggest.

This is my personal favorite because it is quite easy to use. And it gives me a lot of good suggestions, very good keyword ideas. Also, you can use the above suggestion for complete SU as well. We also use it mostly for checking backlinks. So it is a very good tool, you must definitely explore it.


The next tool in Top 10 Useful Digital Marketing Tools is basically not a tool, it is an extension. Whose name is MOZBAR. Fun Bar Whenever I do SEO, I first install Fun Bar. Because there is an amazing extension to analyze the competitors, because the extension which is not there, it works on all of you.

That is, you have installed many times on your search engine result page. So the websites which are seeing me there in the top ranking or on the first page on the second page on their side, they analyze and tell me. That there are so many keywords here, this keyword is used, this is the major keyword. So this is a very good tool and makes SEO very easy. So you must install this extension.

9. Social Blade

Next tool of Digital Marketing Tools which I will suggest to you. If you want to see the analytics of any other account and channel because we have access to our own analytics but we don’t have the analytics of the competitor’s accounts of the competitor’s site of the competitor’s site. So I will suggest you for that. Social Blade.

Social Blade. Dot com is such a platform, where you can talk about YouTube, Instagram or other social media platforms, there you type the name of a person’s side person’s channel. The name of that person will come, you can select that person and see the complete growth of that channel only which video that person is uploading. When is uploading. How many subscribers are increasing?

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