How Secure are Automatic Gate Openers?

Protecting against prying eyes is vital, whether for commercial or residential properties. That being said, driveway alarms and security cameras are just one part of the picture. These might warn you of unsolicited visitors but will do nothing to keep them at bay.

Even manually opening gates can be a hassle. Given the technological advancements in every area, a better alternative would be automatic gate openers. Via authorised controls, smart devices, and keypads; they can help you regulate the entry and exit of visitors.

But, this begs the question – are these gate openers secure? To understand with the help of different scenarios.

Putting Automatic Gate Openers to the Test

As per Global News Wire, the automatic gate openers’ manufacturing market is expected to reach a whopping $3.43 billion by 2028, rising at a CAGR of 4.6%. This forecast shows that the current market for the product is booming. But do electric gate openers pass all the security tests?

When it Comes to Intrusion

The first thing you need to ensure your electric gate opener is bolstered for is an unwanted intrusion. So, how do these gates serve this purpose?

  • Access Control – Automatic gates help you regulate the entry and exit. This is especially useful when you’re out of town and may have delivery men or other visitors. Plus, anti-tailgating mechanisms ensure that the gate closes fast enough to prevent any vehicle behind you from having an unauthorised entry.
  • Deterrence – Automatic gates even look the part. Meaning they are tall and strong, giving the impression of being challenging to break in. Usually, burglars consider such gates to be an insurmountable obstacle and refrain from targeting them.
  • Privacy – Optimal privacy is also one of the primary requirements for every property owner. Automatic gates can be designed to offer more or less privacy. That way, you can keep your luxury cars and expensive house out of view. This will reduce the risk of someone targeting the property. 

In the Case of Brute Force

The design of an automatic gate may be robust and secure, but will it stand the test of brute force? The hinges may give in if enough force is applied to a weak spot. To prevent such a scenario, choose a reliable gate manufacturing company.

Secondly, have an additional lock installed – magnetic or electric. Finally, a sliding gate, as opposed to a traditional one, would hold better.

When There are Power Issues

Since automatic gates run on electricity, what if someone simply cut the power supply before attacking? The same fears loom in case of power outages.

You can fortify against such a scenario by having surge protection or a battery backup system in place.

In Case of Hacking Fears

Automatic gates function by sending a sequence of codes. Though neither visible nor audible, these codes can be deciphered by specialised equipment. So, most automatic gates’ remote controls come with anti-hacking features.

However, if the system is connected to your Wi-Fi network, it is exposed to the threat of being hacked. To avoid this, ensure your network is secure.

Final words

By and large, automatic gate openers are a boon given the security and privacy concerns of the modern world. All you need to do is choose a reputed electric gate manufacturer.

Then, rest assured that they will have an advanced and sturdy automatic gate installed, which will stand the test of time and intrusions.

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