Grammar Checker Tools to Improve Your Spanish Writing Skills

Do you desperately need to write grammar correctly styled text without spelling mistakes? Then you absolutely have to get and use the right grammar checker for your specific needs.

Bad grammar, misspelled words, and poor writing can really affect you and your company’s credibility far more than you could ever imagine. If you’re starting a new blog, poor grammar and spelling mistakes will kill your blog’s credibility quickly and forever.

grammar checker

A grammar checker is an important and essential part of any online business. Many of the biggest websites in the world use some sort of grammar checker or proofreading tool.

The most popular ones are:

Corrector Catala, Panda, and Proofread Plus.

Each of these has it’s own strengths and weaknesses so I will compare them here.

Corrector Catala – This is a great proofreading tool and a good grammar checker but does nothing to correct your spelling or make you aware of possible grammar mistakes.

It can save you a lot of time doing research for long sentences but it cannot guarantee your accuracy and word coherence. For this you will need to spend a lot of time learning how to use a good word processor like Microsoft Word.

If you’re really serious about your writing then this is probably your best grammar checker or proofreading tool. You are better off using a word processor to build your sentences and ensure you coheck your grammar and punctuation.

Corrector Gramatical – This is a good proofreading tool which gives you a good grammar checker for beginners and advanced writers alike. It also includes a plagiarism detector and suggests alternative spellings of words.

Some of the suggestions are quite clever and it may be that the majority of your writing errors will be found by this key features. It does however sacrifice speed for some of the other key features which makes it suitable for beginners but not ideal for correcting advanced writing errors.

What are benefits of grammarly?

Grammarly – A very good proofreading tool and a popular grammar checker amongst students and professionals alike. It comes with a wide range of features which include a grammar checker, a writing assistant, and several different templates for testing paragraphs and sentences.

The layout is very easy to follow and can save you a lot of time. Another pro point about this tool is that it includes spelling checker and auto-correct which means that it doesn’t have to be you that does all the correcting.

It is still possible to do this manually if you need to but it is much quicker and easier just to let the software do it for you.

The only downfall with Grammarly is that it does not have the full premium version which is only available in the professional version for a fee of $1250. You must however read the full manual if you want the full benefits of the tool which includes grammar checker, plagiarism detector and suggestion features.

The only other feature available in the premium version is the fact that it allows you to undo any changes you make which is handy if you accidentally make a mistake during a rewrite.

Ginger – A very good all-round proofreading tool and a good grammar checker. It comes with both the grammar checker and the autocorrecter for content. I find the layout of the software quite easy to follow and it isn’t very hard to use even if you have no formal Spanish writing experience.

One other nice point about this proofreading tool is the fact that it includes a number of different templates which you can use to create different documents. Some of the templates have alternative texts which can be used as an alternative for the main text.

Languagetool: – This is a free spell checking tool. It doesn’t have any other key features apart from being able to correct some common spelling errors.

This is an outstanding grammar checker and a good word processor. It comes with punctuation errors and an exhaustive list of common spelling mistakes which you won’t find in any of the other products.

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