Celebrate the Kentucky Derby at the Mint in September!

The Mint Gaming Hall in Kentucky Downs is set to be an economic and entertainment benefit for Kentucky and Tennessee both with its location very close to the state line. Visitors will enjoy the blues, jazz, western and carnival spirit of the racing hot spots.

Those that want to see one of the few casinos on the strip will get their chance to do so here. With the free evening concerts, there is something for everyone.

There are also two nightclubs and five live entertainment venues. Live entertainment at the mint gaming hall is provided by the House of Blues and Moad hit the stage on the second Saturday of September through the first Sunday of October.

What are best hits of blue music?

The club scene is where the blues shine and Moad is the man behind the music. Blues music runs the full spectrum from top ten hits right up to the latest and greatest. This is definitely the place to go if you are looking for live entertainment on the strip.

With all the excitement, you may need a little incentive to keep coming back for more entertainment. Along with the blues, Moad offers many other types of entertainment that will keep your mind spinning.

You can visit the mint gaming hall for dinner and drinks before heading into the clubs. The food is great along with the fine wines that are available at this facility.Also, there is no need for you to leave your gaming seat as their are new smart door lock available online.

The Mint Gaming Hall also offers some very entertaining live entertainment during the week. The Blue Moon Ballroom is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night through Friday night. Doors open at 6pm sharp for an amazing opening with free live entertainment including appearances by country music stars such as Buck Knuts and Reba.

The Blue Moon Ballroom has seven different gaming tables, four VIP lounge areas, two dance floors, four bars, and an audio-visual system. The venue is always full on both nights and it always gets a packed-out feeling.

Another great place in the mint gaming hall is the KFC Kentucky Derby Complex. The location hosts a huge weekend of dining, shopping, and karaoke in the days leading up to the Derby. On Friday night, head over to the Lawn and Gardens to watch the Derby. On Saturday, enjoy the festivities at the Kentucky Speedway.

Visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the annual Early September FEST. The Early September festival includes a massive home show featuring entertainers such as The Bluegrass Band, Chippewa Kings.

How Kentucky mountain music festival is celebrated?

The Fabulous Flops, and numerous others. This festival also marks the return of the legendary Kentucky Mountain Music Festival. This all-day and all-night affair is held the first weekend in September. If you love the late night thrill of country music or rock and roll then make sure to check out this huge event.

For the complete entertainment package, why not check out the pink gaming mouse and try the free play area? The free play area boasts arcade gaming, video games, pinball, and much more. Other activities include inflatable jumpers, petting zoos, and interactive exhibits.

The free play area is located right next to the Kentucky race track. It is a great way to kill some time before the big race.

With all these great things to do in the Mintage Arcade & Bowling Green resort, it’s no wonder that tourists from across the country come here for a weekend. The combination of an excellent accommodations, beautiful scenery, and a number of daytime activities makes it the ideal destination.

The newly renovated KFC Kentucky Derby Complex will definitely give any Kentucky transplant the homey feeling he deserves. Experience the charm of the old Louisville with a little bit of nostalgia in the new KFC Hall of Fame.

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