All About Horse Rugs

Horse ownership can be fun and exciting. The top benefits of horse ownership are companionship and relaxation. However, many people do not realize the health benefits it gives. It builds character, boosts digestion, keeps a disabled person physically active, and lowers stress levels, among other things.

If you decide to own a horse, know that it is not easy. It is expensive and it needs a lot of care and attention. One of the things you have to do before you take your horse home is to buy a horse rug. When it comes to horse rugs, you are faced with several choices. To help you know about horse rug, keep reading everything below.

What is a Horse Rug?

A horse rug or blanket is an animal coat or garment that is designed for keeping a horse protected from elements. Also, it can keep your horse from different weather climates and conditions. It is tailored to suit the horse’s body. Most horse rugs have one or two straps that fasten in front.

Types of Horse Rugs

There is a variety of types of horse rugs and these are coolers, cotton sheets, fly sheets, half sheets, quarter sheets, rain sheets, rump rugs, stable blankets, therapeutic blankets, turn-out rugs, and under rugs.

Coolers are intended to absorb sweat and help the horse from becoming from becoming cold while the wind is blowing. Cotton sheets are perfect to keep your horse cool in the sun. Fly sheets are made of sheer fabric that can provide UV protection to the horse as well as insect protection.

Half sheets, quarter sheets, and rump rugs are designed to make the horse’s legs warm during the winter season. Rain sheets are useful in keeping the horse dry in wet season. Stable blankets are made of lightweight material that give warmth.

Therapeutic blankets are pricey but they can relieve your horse’s muscles. Turn-out rugs are made of breathable fabric that come with strong straps for the belly and leg. Under rugs are made of wool and usually created with belly and chest straps. For your horse rugs needs, check out caribu horse rugs as they have horse rugs for every season.

How to Choose a Horse Rug

When shopping for a horse rug, there are horse rugs that can cool or warm them up. There are styles to choose from, too. Consider one that is based on your horse’s breed, environment, fabric strength, and size. Read every type of horse rug to know which suits your preference. Take time to get the correct size of the rug for your horse as well. Remember, every horse is different so not all horse rugs are ideal for your horse.

Where to Buy a Horse Rug

A horse rug can be bought online or offline. There are shops where you can buy one at an affordable price. A reliable shop has experienced and friendly customer service that can assist you in buying the right horse rug for your horse.

Do mind splurging on your horse’s needs, shop for a horse rug, now.

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