Acer Aso Arozzi gaming chair- Features Include Immense Comfort

The Arozzi Gaming Chair was designed with the newest gamers in mind. It’s been designed with a contoured seat and backrest for ultimate comfort and support.

This durable chair is backed by a lifetime warranty. Here are some of the things that make this chair such a great choice:

o A high-density foam seat that conforms to your individual body. The Arozzi Gaming Chair has a low-profile lumbar cushion with dual adjustable straps for contouring or neutralizing when you have to adjust for various body styles.

Its high-density foam seat can support up to 225 pounds. Adjustable Height Gas Spring makes it easy to raise or lower the seat.You can even change the angle of the seat by loosening the bolts holding the springs together.

The Arozzi Gaming Chair has an adjustable foot lever that lets you get comfortable quickly and easily.

Does Acer Aso Arozzi gaming chair comes with warranty ?

A two-year warranty on the materials and a one year warranty on the chair frame. o Adjustable arms that reach the full height of the chair. A convenient carrying strap o A contoured seat that follows your individual body contours o Two-point safety belts and a hand rail o An anti-skid bottom o A foldaway keyboard tray o A wide, deep base to hold a variety of gaming accessories

o Adjustable armrests. This chair has an adjustable armrest that is fully removable. You can move your arms up or down to change your playing position.

The armrests also swivel out for a better view of the screen. The armrests have been designed to safely grip the desk surface. This helps to prevent accidents by avoiding you from falling back.

o A gas lift for the seat cushion. All of Arozzi Gaming Chairs come with a gas lift for the seat cushion. This helps to easy transfer of the game controller from the console to the chair. If you ever lose your controllers, it’s easy to grab one in just a few seconds.

o A sturdy gas spring. The gas spring on the inizio gaming chair provides firm, reliable support for long hours of play. The spring locks the chair into place until you decide to take it out. The total height of this chair will vary depending on how tall you are.

When you reach the recommended height for your height, the gas spring will be ready to securely support you while playing.

Is Acer Aso Arozzi gaming chair Have ajustable heights?

o Height adjustable armrests. The gaming chair has two height adjustable armrests. This gives you the freedom to adjust to whatever height works for you. You won’t feel like you’re being cramped at any given moment while sitting in your chair.

The arozzi verona v2 is made with a new micro fiber fabric. The material helps to reduce the glare and overall heat while you are playing.

o High and improved comfort. Many people underestimate the importance of getting a good fit when buying a home entertainment center.

The arozzi has an outstanding fit that fits all body types thanks to its expanded weight capacity 230 pounds. Play time will never be the same with the added comfort that the arozzi verona v2 offers.

o Extended playing surface. With the additional five feet of play space that the gamer chair has, you and your friends will have a place to gather. Being able to stretch out comfortably is important to most gamers.

The extended playing surface that the Acer syntax gaming chairs come with make this possible. Even standing up will be more comfortable thanks to the surface.

o Height adjustable deskmat. When playing games, it’s not always easy to keep track of where your feet are. Thanks to the height adjustable feature of the Arozzi, gamers no longer need to worry about this.

The gaming products from Acer now have a deskmat that comes with them. You can adjust the desk to fit your needs as well.

o Gaming chairs come complete with a padded armrests. Many modern gaming chairs have a variety of armrest options, but not all of them are comfortable. Luckily, the arozzi has both a padded armrests and a fabric padded cushion.

These two features combined allow for ultimate comfort. Even if you’re playing for hours, you’ll still be relaxed as the arozzi chair allows for ergonomic positioning.

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