9 Cool Things to Do in Havana – A Fun Vacation Spot

With an old-timey feel, Havana’s atmospheric colonial streets have certainly seen better days, though that only adds to the charm. The brightly colored buildings of the Cuban capital could all do with a lick of paint, but that would probably only detract from the atmosphere that bucket loads in Havana. 

Visitors will enjoy the wealth of historic buildings on show. Its beautiful plazas are an idyllic place to while away the day, overlooking Cadillac’s trundle and listening to salsa playing hypnotically in the air. Havana, once a revolutionary hub, now attracts more than its fair share of tourists, and visitors are always captivated by the city’s amazing art and architecture. The beautiful streets of Havana are intoxicated with incense, rum, and salsa. Don’t these things encourage you to go there? It will do, definitely! So, plan your getaway and book american airlines reservations online and save up to 45% off on every booking. Also, get an enticing deal to save more. Pack your bags now and get ready to explore the beautiful city on your own like a local.

La Habana Vieja

One of the largest colonial centers in Latin America, La Habana Vieja is where the city first took root in 1519. Walking through Havana’s Old Town is a magical experience; Brightly colored buildings welcome you wherever you go and while most of them have certainly seen better days, this only adds to the charm. With small traditional restaurants and atmospheric bars scattered here and there, as well as such beautiful architecture and the sound of salsa in the air, it is no wonder that La Habana Vieja is such a popular tourist destination.

Plaza de la Catedral

Named after the Plaza de la Catedral, which dominates one side of it, it is one of Havana’s main squares and a lively place visited by tourists and locals alike. Once a swamp, this square has also been a naval dock due to its long history. Now, grand mansions that have certainly seen better days line the plaza; It has a chronic charm. Apart from the restaurants crowded with people, the wonderful Colonial Art Museum is also located here. One of the grandest buildings is the aptly named Palacio del Conde Lombillo, which stands in front of a statue of Antonio Gades – a famous flamenco dancer.

El Malecon

Stretching for more than eight kilometers, El Malecón is Havana’s main coast. Taking a walk along it overlooking the sparkling sea is a delightful way to spend an afternoon. Since it was built slowly over 50 years, the buildings and districts you pass through change subtly, reflecting the different time periods in which they were built. Small cafes and salsa bars are nestled along the esplanade. With old Cadillac trundling by and fishermen lining the waterfront, El Malecon is a scenic place with a lot of character. Sunsets are particularly splendid, as vivid yellows, reds, and oranges paint the buildings in the sun’s warm glow. 

Plaza Vieja

When Plaza Vieja originally opened in 1559, it was known as New Square, although the weight of the time now means it is one of the most historic places in Old Havana. Plaza Vieja is surrounded by delightful colonial facades dating back to different eras. Along with beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, Cuba’s magnificent baroque mansions can also be seen. In its time, it has organized everything from gallows and bullfighting to festivities and overcrowded markets. The bars, restaurants, and cafes found in Plaza Vieja make it a popular place to visit. 

Havana Cathedral

Beautiful to look at, Havana Cathedral dominates the Plaza de la Catedral in which it is located. Two asymmetrical bell towers flank the cathedral’s baroque facade and various Neoclassical features were added in later renovations. The cathedral used to host the remains of Christopher Columbus until they were transferred to Seville. Equally lovely is the interior, with the frescoes above the altar.

Plaza de San Francisco de Asis

Named after the Franciscan convent built here, the Plaza de San Francisco de Assis dates back to 1575 and began as a market square, only going to host cockfights and card games during the later colonial period. The sprawling plaza is surrounded by impressive buildings that once hosted Havana’s wealthiest residents. Now many restaurants can be found here? The Baroque 18th-century basilica is an undoubted attraction. 

Museo Hemingway Finca Vigia

Built in 1886 on a hill outside Havana, Finca Vigia was the home of famed novelist Ernest Hemingway. It has since been converted into a delightful museum about his life and works. It was in Finca Vigia that he wrote many of his most famous books, such as The Old Man and the Sea and for Whom the Bell Tolls. There are lots of interesting mementos on display in the museum. With a spectacular view of Havana, it is well worth a visit; Many of the rooms look almost as they were left by Hemingway. 

Plaza de Armas

The city’s oldest square, the Plaza de Armas, is so named because of the military exercises that were held here. Now, it’s a peaceful, palm tree-filled spot that hosts a daily Second Hand Book Market. Surrounded by grand buildings dating back to the late 1700s, the center of the plaza is home to a delightful marble statue of Cuban revolutionary hero Carlos Manuel de Cespedes. 

Cementerio de Cristóbal Colón

There are about 500 major tombs, carved out of dazzling white stone. Various parts of the cemetery are dedicated to poets and artists, while others contain politicians, baseball players, and musicians. One of the most important cemeteries in Latin America due to the architecture on display and famous people buried here, such as Beatriz Allende and Alejo Carpentier, the Cementario de Cristóbal Colón is much more than just a cemetery. 

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In the Nutshell

In the end, if you are well prepared you can enjoy any place to the best extent possible. If you are running out of time and seeking more travel ideas. Here are the ideas of the top 10 places to visit in singapore that excite you. To wind up the tour at the earliest, simply delve into any of the above-mentioned activities for your fun-filled trip to Havana to build a full of unforgettable memories.

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