8 Must-Have Pieces of Equipment for Your Home Gym

Are you planning to set up a home gym or personal training studio at home? If so, you need quite a few pieces of gym equipment

When setting up a home gym, you need to be selective and consider the budget. And it would help if you bought as per the requirement and the space available in your home. For instance, you may have a big budget, but if you don’t have the space to place/install the equipment, you will have to return them.

Choosing the necessary pieces of equipment is not easy. Hence, you need to make a list of equipment you will need to do all your workouts and feel just like you are at the gym. So this article will list the necessary equipment for your home gym, and you can buy them from the nearest store.

  1. Training Bench

The reason why this equipment is put on the top is that people usually ignore this item. An adjustable training bench is essential for several workouts. For instance, you can do bench presses with barbells or dumbbells. And after adjusting the bench, you can do the incline press properly. You can also do the workout for the back and forearm muscles.

  1. Dumbbell Sets

A few dumbbells will be great for your bicep and tricep muscles, and you can choose different types of dumbbells. Meanwhile, you can either buy a few weights or one which can be adjusted and fitted with weights, i.e., customisable dumbbells. These are specially made for home gyms.

  1. Barbell Set

Barbells are also as crucial as dumbbells, as they are necessary for your chest and shoulder muscles. So when you are buying the barbell, you need to buy the removable plates as well. Besides, easily adjustable barbells are best for the workout, and you can do the bench press using the training bench.

  1. Kettlebell Set

It is an alternative to dumbbells, this gym equipment activates the core muscles, and women use this equipment more as they focus on building a lean body than building muscles. 

  1. Pull-Up Frame and Bar

A pull-up frame is necessary for deltoids, biceps, rhomboids, and core. Meanwhile, some people use sunshades or other places in the house to do the pull-ups, but none of them can be held by your palm like you can on pull-up bars. As such, only with the proper bar and space can you do proper pull-ups.

  1. Treadmill

If going outside for cardio is not your style, then you need a treadmill at home. Meanwhile, cardio is necessary to lose the extra weight and maintain a lean body. As such, you can find several affordable treadmills online or at a nearby store that sells gym equipment.

  1. Stationary Bicycle

As mentioned in the previous point, if going out for cardio or a bicycle ride is not your cup of tea, go for a stationary bicycle. This cycle doesn’t take more space than the training bench, and you can place it in a corner. As such, people who focus on aerobic fitness buy this equipment.

  1. Rowing Machine

Finally, the rowing machine is the best equipment for people who love to exercise their lower back and core muscles. And unlike the treadmill and bicycle, this machine focuses on core, back, leg and upper body muscles. And it is good for an overall body workout.

In addition to these pieces of equipment, you can buy more accessories to support your workout. And rollout wheels, fitness balls, wooden bars, bands, tubes, etc., are some of the accessories you can buy without breaking the bank.

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