3 Things to Consider Before Buying Exercise Equipment

People have been giving a lot of importance to fitness and health in recent times with the increase in obesity-related health problems. It has increased the variety of Exercise equipment and their availability at different price ranges. 

Fitness equipment is categorised into cardio and strength. You can get one for your upper body exercise, lower body exercise, or full-body workouts. When you invest in exercise tools for your home gym, you have the convenience and comfort of working out at any time of your preference. However, it may be confusing for you to choose the right equipment that meets your needs. So, here are some underlying factors that you should consider before visiting a store.

Know Your Goals

You need to assess whether you need cardio or strength machines to meet your fitness goals. If improving your fitness levels and burning calories is your priority, then you need cardio machines. If you want to harness external weight and build your strength, you need the right strength equipment.

Some of the best equipment for you would be:

  • Ski machine: Ski machines are ideal for upper and lower body exercise. It can be effective for muscle toning and anaerobic workouts in a session when you are pressed for time.
  • Stair steppers: Stair steppers enable good cardio by allowing independent foot action and strengthening core muscles, hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps and calves.
  • Treadmills: Treadmills are a must in a gym, and you can go for a motorised treadmill for a nice warm-up.
  • Elliptical trainers: Elliptical trainers are found in different speeds and grades and are ideal for upper body exercise.
  • Stationary bikes: Stationary bikes with non-slip pedals, comfortable handlebars and adjustable seats can be great for lower body exercise and core, glute and back strength. 
  • Rowing machines: You can either go for piston or pulley models for full-body exercise and building power and endurance. 

Some of the strength equipment that you require in your home gym are:

  • Hand weights: Hand weights may increase the intensity of your workout and provide more resistance to muscles. 
  • Barbells: Barbells can help you with an overall workout by utilising multiple muscle groups. 
  • Ankle weights: Ankle weights are ideal for lower body exercise and toning your legs.

Consider the Budget

Buying the right kind of Exercise equipment also depends on the money you are willing to spend. There is something for everyone, right from top-notch equipment to the basic budget-friendly models. However, you need to plan the budget by balancing functionality and features so that it meets your present and future needs. Various fitness equipment like treadmills or squat equipment can be quite expensive, and if you do not have the budget for it, you can opt for other cheaper alternatives available in the market. 

Availability of Space

You don’t want a cluttered and disorganised gym, so you need to check the space available in your home. If you do not have a sprawling space for your gym, you can choose foldable models or have wheels that fit easily in the room. Foldable rowing machines or treadmills, steppers, abs rollers and free weights can be really space-effective. You can go for bikes, elliptical trainers, non-folding treadmills or multi-gyms if you have a dedicated space. Various companies also design customisable models for home exercisers according to their spacing arrangements. 

Your requirements determine the type of fitness equipment you need. Hence, analyse the factors discussed above before buying equipment for your home gym. 

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